Train with us in sustainable construction skills & get paid to share your knowledge with other builders.

Become a paid Futureproof Associate Builder Trainer

  • We need builders with the skills to undertake sustainable refurbishments in homes

  • We can train you in these skills

  • And we'll pay you to pass on these skills to other builders


As a Futureproof Associate Builder Trainer you will be paid to attend five training courses in key aspects of sustainable construction, you'll then be paid to share your knowledge with other builders starting out on their sustainable retrofit journeys.


This offer is available to builders in the West of England region, contact us to check your access to the Futureproof initiative.

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18 October, 2019

The Waterfront, Bristol

11:15am - 2:00pm

This session outlines the basic principles of sustainable water use in building projects, with Rob Edwardes, director of GR Edwardes - Electrical, Plumbing and Renewable Energy contractors.

The Green Register's Hot Topic 2019

28 November, 2019

The Foundation, Bristol

9:30am - 6:00pm

A day of talks and case studies celebrating retrofit and asking what the future holds when looking at upgrading our existing building stock.

7 November, 2019

1 Brecknock Rd, Knowle

3:30pm - 5:30pm

This session outlines the basic principles and best practice when using Solid Wall Insulation (SWI) in retrofit projects, with trainers Michael Huth of Natural Building Technologies and Nick Lloyd of Urbane Eco Ltd.

Toolbox Talk skills session

4 December, 2019


This session aims to equip trainers with the skills needed to deliver the on site training with confidence.

Upcoming Training 

Training sessions are provided by The Green Register, providers of expert sustainability training to construction professionals for almost 20 years.

You'll be paid for each training session you attend and every training session you deliver to other builders on site via toolbox training sessions.

What are the Futureproof training areas?

The Futureproof Skills we train you in will offer a holistic, sustainable approach to retrofit for low-carbon homes.

Key aspects of the training include:

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Toolbox talks will be available in early 2020.

Register your interest in becoming a Builder Trainer or having a trained builder visit your project site to deliver free toolbox talks.


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What training topics are you interested in?

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Techniques to avoid draughts, heat loss and high fuel bills


Moisture control & best practice detailing

Practical methods to avoid the damaging effects of moisture in the building fabric; breathable materials; best practice detailing


Best practice methods and technology for effective ventilation systems to achieve indoor air quality


Installations for rooflights, windows & lofts

Robust detailing to avoid water and air leaks, product specification for replacement rooflights and windows in heritage buildings


Plumbing & water

Water-saving devices; rainwater harvesting and sustainable options for cold water, hot water and heating systems



Sustainable heating systems including boiler controls, underfloor heating, heat pumps and renewable energy technologies


Construction materials

Low-carbon alternatives for building materials, finishes and lighting for better long-term performance and healthier homes


Insulation & solid wall insulation

Best practice detailing for both Internal & External Wall Insulation installations to avoid moisture damage and keep the building fabric dry


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