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We're here to help make your home fit for the future - healthier, comfortable all year round, easier and cheaper to keep warm.


Planning home improvements is confusing, there's so much uncertainty and so many choices to make - What kind of insulation would work best for my home? What solutions will help me save energy? Which builder should I call and how can I be sure they'll do a good job?


Our team guide you through the process - working with you to make the best decisions for your home and budget, while also ensuring work is done to the high standard you expect. 

Our team can help

  1. Find the solutions best suited to your home, lifestyle and budget. Starting with a phone conversation to understand what you’re thinking. We can follow up with a home visit to understand your home and needs better. If you want, we can arrange a whole house survey before providing guidance on approach, order of installation, value for money or best options for reducing your carbon footprint.

  2. Take the guess work out of finding a builder you can trust. Connecting you with builders who can deliver the high-quality work you expect. All contractors we work with have been assessed and trained to ensure they have the right skills and knowledge.

  3.  Get the right quote and make sure it does what you want. Helping you understand which quote will maximise your investment. 

  4. Check back on the work being undertaken. Giving you peace of mind that it's being done to the highest standard, with lasting quality.

energy saving measures

It may be that you need a single measure like a new boiler, solid wall insulation or solar PV. We can help you understand the impact of combining measures to maximise energy savings. For example, installing solar panels, battery storage and electric car charging.

extensions & conversions

If you're already planning an extension or loft conversion we can help you maximise the energy savings you could install. Incorporating insulation and ventilation into an extension can have lasting benefits for years to come.

whole house refurbishments

If you can implement everything at the same time in a full house refurbishment, this can be the most cost effective approach in the long term. Or we can help you develop a retrofit roadmap, enabling you to tackle the whole house over a number of years, including all the energy saving technologies along the way, to achieve your desired outcome.

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Home Improvement Case Studies

Bristol Green Doors 

Thousands of people have visited green open homes at Bristol Green Doors free events, finding inspiration and real-life tips that they've gone on to use in their own homes. 

Keep an eye out for the next event and drop in to hear from those that have taken steps already.


Householders at Bristol Green Doors events open their homes to share their knowledge and experience of installing a range of energy saving improvements.

Take a look through their case studies to see what people have done in a home like yours: their motivations, recommendations and lessons learned along the way. With everything from 1960s bungalow to Victorian terrace; and low cost installations to ambitious whole-house retrofits, there's sure to be something that can help you. 

1890s Terrace, 3 bed
Internal & External Solid wall insulation, draughtproofing & ventilation

Over six years the owners have installed several breathable insulation solutions - hemp and lime internally and wood fibre externally - to address historical damp issues while retaining the decorative façade. Other energy efficiency improvements include demand-controlled mechanical ventilation, LED lighting and draughtproofing.

1960s Bunglaow, 4 bed
Cavity wall insulation, solar PV and electric car charging port

The owners incorporated floor, ceiling and wall insulation into their garage conversion. Their extensive retrofit has resulted in very low bills and economic transport thanks to electricity generated from their 2.16 kWp PV array, which they use to charge their car. Energy usage has also been reduced with LED lighting throughout and a combi boiler, chosen for its high efficiency. 

1960s Bunglaow, 4 bed
Solid wall insulation, underfloor heating, solar PV and water

This home has been re-modelled to include extensive insulation, triple glazed windows and underfloor heating, which runs off a new gas condensing boiler, with gas boiler assisting when required. Solar thermal panels provide the home with hot water. Due to their solar PV array, the owners are "net exporters" of electricity meaning they produce more than they use!

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