We're supporting local firms throughout the West of England to install energy saving measures and carry out retrofit work through free on-site training and by connecting you with homeowners who want this work done. 


Our support to you includes:

  1. FREE, independent training on sustainable building practices. This consists of toolbox talks delivered by experienced sustainable builders, directly to you on site at a time that's appropriate to maximise the learning.

  2. We manage an online register of builders that we recommend to our customers. Ensuring customer confidence in the service we offer is key; our training provides assurance of your credentials, competency and quality of service.

  3. We help to establish mutual trust, realistic expectations and clear communication between you and your customer.

For builders, contractors and trades in the West of England this is an opportunity to:

  • Shape and expand your service offering in line with the future market, as demand for low carbon, sustainable and energy efficiency measures increases.

  • Take pride in refining your craft by developing knowledge and skills with long-term value.

  • Connect with appreciative, well-informed customers who value the additional knowledge you can offer.

  • Signal to customers that you hold your work to a higher standard, giving them confidence that you deliver long-lasting, quality installations which justify their investment.

  • Win more creative and satisfying projects that not only benefit your customers and business, but wider society and the environment.

Futureproof is helping local firms develop skills & knowledge in energy saving retrofit work.

Are you interested in free, independent, peer-to-peer toolbox talks on sustainable building practices for your retrofit project?


Register your interest in having a trained builder visit your project site to deliver free training. Register here and select any of the training sessions you're interested in.


We will get in touch to discuss your training requirements and book training sessions for you and your team.


Once you've had the training, this information will be added to our online register, allowing potential customers to easily see your low carbon training credentials.


You start to receive requests for quotes to carry out sustainable retrofit work.


We help to establish mutual trust, realistic expectations and clear communication between you and your customer.


You successfully carry out the work and are ready to receive more requests for work.


How does it work?

Futureproof Training is free-of-charge, delivered by builders, directly on your project site.

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Toolbox talks will be available in early 2020.

Register your interest in having a trained builder visit your project site to deliver free toolbox talks or becoming an Associate Builder Trainer.


Please tick the boxes for any of the training sessions you're interested in. 

The Green Register will then be in touch to discuss, there's no obligation at this stage, we’ll simply explain what’s involved. 

What training topics are you interested in?

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Futureproof training topics

These short training sessions will provide all the essentials you need to create a lower-carbon, more comfortable home when you start refurbishment works for your clients,​​​


Techniques to avoid draughts, heat loss and high fuel bills


Moisture control & best practice detailing

Practical methods to avoid the damaging effects of moisture in the building fabric; breathable materials; best practice detailing


Best practice methods and technology for effective ventilation systems to achieve indoor air quality


Installations for rooflights, windows & lofts

Robust detailing to avoid water and air leaks, product specification for replacement rooflights and windows in heritage buildings


Plumbing & water

Water-saving devices; rainwater harvesting and sustainable options for cold water, hot water and heating systems



Sustainable heating systems including boiler controls, underfloor heating, heat pumps and renewable energy technologies


Construction materials

Low-carbon alternatives for building materials, finishes and lighting for better long-term performance and healthier homes


Insulation & solid wall insulation

Best practice detailing for both Internal & External Wall Insulation installations to avoid moisture damage and keep the building fabric dry


Futureproof training consists of free-of-charge, ‘toolbox talk’ style peertraining – concise, hands-on and geared towards any real-life problems that you may need to solve on your project. 


Training is delivered by a Futureproof Associate Builder directly on your project site, enabling your whole team to build skills and knowledge based on key sustainable construction principles.

Toolbox talks are run by The Green Register, who have been providing expert training to construction professionals for almost 20 years and helping firms transition from providing ‘normal’ home improvements, such as loft extensions, kitchen and bathroom upgrades, to offering low-risk, low carbon retrofit in all their future projects.

Find out about free on-site training

Could you teach Futureproof skills?

As a Futureproof Associate Builder Trainer you will receive training in key aspects of sustainable construction and be paid to share your knowledge with builders on site via toolbox training sessions.

You'll be paid to attend five training courses and you’ll then go on to teach other builders starting out on their sustainable retrofit journeys.


Find out about becoming a paid Futureproof Associate Builder Trainer

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