Futureproof aims to make it easy for homeowners & contractors in the West of England to carry out energy saving retrofit & home improvements. 

​Why do we need Futureproof?

The fact is, our older homes were simply not built to suit the way we live our lives today. 


Over the years we’ve modernised our homes, sometimes for the better and sometimes with less successful outcomes - damp, condensation, mould growth and other unhealthy and unsightly consequences. Living in homes with these issues can be bad for our health and quality of life, as well as hard on our finances.  


However, in most cases these issues are easy to resolve, and along with other energy saving improvements can see significant benefits to your surroundings, making it warmer, easier to heat, healthier for your family, and for the wider environment.

Why is Retrofit critical to the Climate Crisis?

  • Recent research found that most of us in the UK think that people are responsible for climate change and 7/10 people think that we are already feeling the effects here in the UK.¹

  • On 1 May, 2019 the UK government declared a national Climate Emergency.²

  • At the same time the report from the UK Committee on Climate Change stated that we must eliminate our carbon emissions to zero by 2050.³ The report notes that reaching this target requires UK households to improve their homes with straightforward improvements, such as insulation, draught proofing and new windows.⁴

  • By taking steps to make your home more energy efficient you are taking direct action today that will impact the environment for future generations.

  • Installing simple measures can help you reduce your carbon emissions by maximising the value of the energy you use - making your home warmer if you struggle to heat it currently, or enabling you to turn down the thermostat whilst maintaining a warm environment.

Who are we?

Futureproof is a service managed by the Centre for Sustainable Energy, a Bristol based charity with 40 years experience offering energy saving advice to households. 


The training and skills development is offered by The Green Register, a not-for-profit organisation who have been leading sustainable construction training since 2000.


Funding for our service comes from the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, with the aim of finding new ways to help people make their homes more efficient. You can read more about the funding for this initiative on the government site here.

Our combined experience means we're able to offer homeowners and contractors a much needed independent, impartial and supportive service to help them carry out energy saving home improvements:


  • For homeowners, this means help finding the right solutions for your home, taking the hard work and uncertainty out of finding a contractor and getting a quote, as well as checking the work is done to a high level of quality.

  • For local building companies we're supporting  you with training to develop low carbon knowledge and the skills required to undertake deep retrofits that deliver on performance.

What are we trying to achieve?

Futureproof is a long-term initiative that aims to accelerate the local demand and supply-chains for low carbon retrofit throughout the West of England,  so that this kind of work can become the straightforward, natural choice for any building work done on our homes.

In the long term, this will help ensure all home improvements contribute to achieving the highly energy efficient, low carbon housing stock we need to tackle climate change.

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