Helping homeowners & builders carry out
energy saving improvements & refurbishments.

Futureproof services are designed to make it easy for homeowners and builders in the West of England* to carry out energy saving improvements and refurbishments with confidence.

For homeowners, planning home improvements is often confusing, with so many choices to make - What kind of insulation would work best for my home? Which energy saving solutions could I install? Which builder should I call and how can I be sure they'll do a good job?


Our team guide you through the process - working with you to make the best decisions for your home and budget, while also ensuring work is done to the high standard you expect. 

For builders, we're helping you fine tune your sustainable building skills through on-site, peer-to-peer training, as well as connecting you with our customers who are looking for people with sustainable credentials.

How does Futureproof help builders? 

How does Futureproof help homeowners? 

We work with you to understand what solutions are best suited to your home, lifestyle and budget, and to maximise your energy savings.

  • We can arrange a whole-house survey to find what will work best for you - whether it's installing single measures like a new boiler or solar panels, incorporating insulation and ventilation into an extension you're already planning, or integrating lots of different solutions in a more extensive refurbishment.

  • We take the guess work out of finding a builder you can trust. Connecting you with builders we've ensured have the right skills to deliver high-quality work, helping you understand quotes and maximise your investment.

  • We check back to ensure the work being undertaken is done to a high standard, and with materials and techniques appropriate to your home. 

We support builders throughout the West of England through on-site training and by connecting you with homeowners who want this work done.

  • Offering free, independent, peer-to-peer training on sustainable building practices. This consists of toolbox talks delivered by builders, directly on your site. 

  • We then add you to our online register allowing Futureproof customers to find you, are looking your training credentials.

  • We help to establish mutual trust, realistic expectations and clear communication between you and your customer.

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Futureproof services are provided by the Centre for Sustainable Energy, a Bristol based charity with 40 years experience giving energy saving advice to households; in partnership with The Green Register, a not-for-profit organisation who have been leading sustainable construction training since 2000. Funding for our services comes from government.

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