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Here to help with energy saving home improvements

Futureproof helps homeowners and builders in the South West of England* to carry out energy saving home improvements and refurbishments with confidence.

*Futureproof covers the following council areas: Bristol, Bath and NE Somerset, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire, Somerset County, Swindon and Wiltshire.


Discounts and offers available…

  • If you live in Swindon and Wiltshire, you can get a £500 discount on our full survey. Here’s how…
  • We can now accept discount vouchers issued by Retrofit West CIC to homeowners in the Bristol, Bath and NE Somerset, and South Gloucestershire council areas for Futureproof surveys – the discount is available for our Full Survey and Retrofit Plan service in these areas.  Apply via their website here for your £250 voucher!

I’m a Homeowner

We work with you to understand what solutions are best suited to your home, lifestyle and budget, and maximise energy savings.

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Future proof services

FutureProof EnergySaving

Energy saving measures

If you need a single measure like insulation, a new heating system or solar PV, we can help you make the best choice for your home and budget, and refer you to local installers.

We can also help you consider the impact of combining measures to maximise energy savings, for example, solar panels, battery storage and electric car charging.

FutureProof Conversions

Extensions and Conversions

If you’re already planning an extension or conversion we can help you maximise energy savings and reduce the environmental impact of your home.

For example, Incorporating insulation and ventilation into an extension will have long lasting benefits for your pocket and the planet.

FutureProof Refurbishments

Whole house refurbishments

If you can implement everything at the same time in a full house refurbishment, this can be the most cost effective approach in the long term.

Or we can help you develop a retrofit roadmap, enabling you to tackle the whole house over a number of years, including all the energy saving technologies along the way, to achieve your desired outcome.

I’m a Builder

We offer online and practical, peer-to-peer training to help you fine tune your sustainable building skills and connect you with homeowners who want this work done.

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FutureProof Training


An independent training programme offering certification in sustainable building practices.

The course consists of online training, practical site visits and workshops, delivered by experienced sustainable builders.

FutureProof FabRegister

FAB Register

Opportunity to join our online register of Futureproof Associate Builders who we recommend to our large customer base.

FutureProof CustomerConfidence

Customer confidence

Ensuring customer confidence is key; Futureproof training provides assurance of your credentials, competency and quality of service.

What is Retrofit?

Retrofit is work carried out to improve an existing building that reduces energy or water consumption, uses appropriate building materials for the type of property, reduces waste and creates a healthy environment for the occupants.


“I had wanted to get this project rolling for years but hadn’t known where to start.
The help and referrals from Futureproof finally got things moving.
I’m delighted!”

Householder, Bristol

FutureProof Illustration

Here to help make your home healthier, more comfortable & fit for the future.

Futureproof services are provided by the Centre for Sustainable Energy, a Bristol based charity with 40 years experience giving energy saving advice to households; in partnership with The Green Register, who have been leading sustainable construction training since 2000.

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